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Welcome to the Infinite Recordz. Analog and Digital Heaven.

Infinite Recordz began in 2008 when producers Flow & Kyderone met in Paris. Although they come from different musical influences, they have been sharing the same vision of the future of music and taste for analog synthesizers and studio art & science and started a digital music label.

After working with several artists in Paris, each one left France in 2010 and kept composing, producing and remixing for many artists, locally or globally. Repeated trips to Jamaica have resulted in collaborations with dancehall artists, including Konshens, Voicemail, Mr. Lexx, Richie Loop, Esco, Dwayno, Pamputtae.

Getting out of the genders, living in Asia (Thailand) and Latin America (Costa Rica) have been taking the French producers out of space and time for a unique and original vision of the musical scene.